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This short guide is meant for people who want to create a life that suits them 100% - including passion and purpose.


Who wrote this?

We're Rachelle & Lennart, career coaches for high potentials. 

The mainstream didn't work for us. 

Lennart was an aspiring lawyer when he realized he wanted something totally different. He went on to lead sales teams at a software company, where he missed a mission. Next, he helped to launch an entrepreneur network, but he didn't get along with his boss. Finally, he became his own boss and co-founded a wildly successful startup...only to find out that technology wasn’t really a passion after all. A big burnout followed.

Rachelle hated her theoretical studies and started her own marcom business at 20 to gain 'real' experience. As she started her master's she realized it only slowed her down. Soon she quit and started freelancing as a project manager and event moderator. Time after time she landed in toxic work cultures, experienced abnormal stress from office politics, hidden agendas, and misaligned values.

We went back to the drawing board and totally redesigned our lives from the inside-out. Now we do what we love, from an amazing location (sunny Portugal!). Our clear reason why: giving others the guidance we never had so they can lead awesome & impactful lives.

Ditch the 9-5 and live your dream

Download this guide if you want more excitement, meaning and freedom in your life