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Our society needs holistic leaders - but doesn’t nurture them

Let's do some real talk: we have no shortage of societal challenges but we do have a shortage of great people (leaders that developed themselves holistically) that go at them

At school children are not supported in creating their personal compass. As a result, they develop themselves in a random direction, not one rooted in self-knowledge and toward one’s combination of passion, strengths, and inner drives. We rely on new generations, but we let them feel lost in life.

Aspiring leaders from the Millennial and Gen Z generations are burning out at work and often don’t live a life that’s true to them. They leak energy, miss fulfillment, and meaning. And a solid career vision.

Personal Development content is ‘hot’ but without applying it in favor of individual growth goals it’s close to useless. It’s often not applied as part of the cycle of growth: learn - do - assess. On top of that, personal development is usually limited to ‘mindset’ and not happening in all holistic areas of life: finance, physical, spiritual & emotional health, career, and relationships)

There’s often a divide of attention and focus on personal growth and professional contribution. They are not seen as intertwined and enforcing each other, while they do.

What if we empower an entire generation to solve our biggest challenges?

Let’s help people to get to know themselves deeply from an early age. What they want to become. What they want to contribute to. With that compass, they could craft their learning and careers.

By not losing the joy of learning they would stay on a lifelong journey of personal development and reach their full potential.

They would learn to lead themselves first and subsequently leading change in our organizations and society.


In this way, we would optimally use our brightest minds for our biggest challenges while they experience joy and meaning in the process.

They would use their careers as an instrument for growth and impact. With fulfillment, financial rewards, and happiness as byproducts. 

This would create a new generation of holistic and powerful leaders, acting as a force for good (through the organizations they lead and start).

They would inspire and support each other by being an example of living a life true to yourself, reaching personal potential, and contributing to humanity large and small.

What if we empower a generation of change-makers to be all they can be, for themselves and for the world?

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Our mission.

Growtribute's mission is to help you realize your full potential on all holistic levels, put your potential into action, enabling you to have a meaningful impact and inspiring others to do the same. Creating a global movement of personal growth and professional impact. Growtribute stands for reaching human potential, holistic lifelong personal growth, and meaningful and purposeful work. 


How we do it.

_ Courses that provide massive self-knowledge, clarity on your career and life direction (with fulfillment, impact and joy)

_ Memberships to facilitate perpetual growth and contribution

_ In our content and courses, we introduce you to knowledge experts from all around the world

_ Lifelong growing and contributing together with the Growtribute community


Goal for 2025.

We aspire to be the world’s biggest platform and community for the personal transformation & professional contribution of Gen-Z and Millennial game changers. By 2025, we aspire to have empowered 100,000 change makers to live more fulfilled lives, to go above and beyond their potential, and put that into action in service of humanity (impact 100 million people)


Why? We missed the guidance, the tools, the meaning ourselves

We, Lennart and Rachelle, felt lost at school, life, and in our early careers. We didn’t know ourselves and therefore made the wrong choices in education, work, (and relationships). Resulting in cofounder mismatches, burnout, discontinued studies, being fired, etc.

Personal development tools meant the world to us. It saved us but we needed it way earlier. We learned so much about ourselves, about how to win at life in all life areas. We are by no means ‘there’ but we don’t want to keep this to ourselves

In the start-up world, we saw the rise of impact entrepreneurship from up close but noticed that many focused on leading change before leading themselves. Resulting in burn-out, giving up, thinking too small, failing to keep up with the growth on a personal level. (Listening to investors too much) Such a shame how much impact and personal well-being is missed!

It's personal.

We found the combination of our passions and strengths. We started coaching contemporaries on life and career choices. Sharing personal growth tools. We created our own method of understanding your blueprint and creating a (work) life vision and plan from that extensive self-knowledge.

We started an international community of people that want to grow and contribute and support each other on this noble endeavor.

In short: we do this because we felt lost ourselves and we want to see others thrive in their own power zone and lives. That’s our contribution. To empower a generation to be happy, guided, and fulfilled and to see them change the world for good. 


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