We've been through this ourselves.

Lennart was an aspiring lawyer, did 2 master’s degrees only to find out he wanted to run the opposite way: toward social impact entrepreneurship. Rachelle always had a knack for journalism, but hated the directions offered to her at uni, quit her master’s, started her own marcom business and became an event moderator. Choosing the unbeaten path, we had to make decisions for ourselves - out of the ordinary. And yes, many people around us didn’t understand why we were making it so hard for ourselves. They saw insecure freelance gigs, quitting jobs, risky business concepts, and months without income.


Do exactly what they say you shouldn't do.

I’m a double masters graduate in Financial and Corporate law from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Despite spending most of my time studying, I found my passion and strengths outside of the classroom. After graduation, I decided not to pursue a career in law and led a team in an IT and sales company. I left this company to form an entrepreneurial community from scratch, ending up with 700 over visitors weekly. Finally, right before founding Growtribute, I co-founded a tech startup in machine translation and pocket translator hardware. After a 3-year rollercoaster I was on, I sold my shares and co-founded Growtribute.


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Doing is my middle name.

Though I almost graduated with a Communication Sciences degree from Utrecht University, my time and focus was usually elsewhere. By the age of 20, I started off as a marcom freelancer, viewing companies from the inside looking out. After I graduated, I was a project manager for a tech incubator, helping set up initiatives for startups. Simultaneously, I was volunteering for female business networks, where I hosted and organized events. When I experienced difficulties of freelancing, I decided that it was no longer an option for me and decided to pursue my passion for presenting, becoming an event moderator for large-scale events. This is how I found my path to co-founding Growtribute, as I discovered my natural skill for coaching. 

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