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This time of crisis, where our society and lives came to a halt, inspired us to write a Manifesto. We will challenge the way our society went about many aspects of (personal) life and subsequently, we share a vision for the future. 

Our Manifesto consists of many generalizations and is meant to open up a discussion.


Looking back

Societal expectations

Most of us went through life based on societal expectations. We were all really busy reaching certain milestones: Graduate with a Master’s degree; Find a well-paid job; Have a rich social life; Buy a house; Actually marry our partner; And start a family. Over time, we needed to be regularly promoted and to live bigger and bigger. 

The rat race and stepping out

By being trapped in this
rat race, we gave up a lot of our uniqueness and freedom. In a way, we preferred a life as a co-driver in a luxury car, over being the driver of our own vehicle. We were reluctant to take risks, being afraid of a great deal of – mostly – imaginary things. By quitting our job, how would we deal with a salary gap and the opinion of others? What if our new job or business venture would be worse than our old one? But deep inside, we were longing to take action on our dreams – make that world trip, switch to that job that would fulfill us deeply, and maybe live our lives totally different from how our family and friends expected us to.


Long story short, we were totally disconnected. With the world, with nature, with others, and most essentially: with ourselves. We allowed life aspects such as health, relationships, and finance to unnecessarily drag us down. We didn’t prioritize the things that we would later regard as important and fulfilling at the end of our lives. 

Time for revaluation

Isn’t this the perfect time to revalue what it is to have a successful life, radiant health, a prosperous financial position, a world-class education, uplifting relationships, and a fulfilling career? And to acknowledge that it is our birthright to be truly happy, to become all that we can be to and contribute to something bigger than ourselves? 

Living on our own terms

Let’s ask ourselves: are we doing the things that we will look back on later and say “I lived my life on my own terms, I truly did what I was meant to do, it was worth it and I enjoyed it to the fullest”. Or as world-renowned coach Brendon Burchard puts it: “Did I live, did I love and did I matter?”.


Vision for the Future

What if we used this period of reflection to redesign the pillars of our lives? So we would build a better foundation for the future.

Holistic, not choosing

What if having a successful life was not about having to choose between a great career & amassing a fortune or having a wonderful personal social & family life. Instead, what if we could combine an amazing:

  • Individual life (quality of life, physical & mental health)
  • Social life (intimate relation, family, friends)
  • Work life (passion, personal growth, contribution)
  • Financial life (earning, investing, donating)

Climbing the pyramid of needs

We will start with ourselves. Filling our own cup first – being happy, fit & healthy, obtaining a growth mindset, having a personal life vision, and living our lives on our own terms. Then we will have so much more to share within our relationships and to contribute throughout our careers. Our work will give us fulfillment, joy, and financial returns. We will have more money to give away and reinvest in ourselves and in assets that will provide for us. In this way, we will spiral upwards. The more our needs will be met, the more we can focus on – as Tony Robbins calls them – the needs of the spirit: self-realization and contribution. 

If you want to change the world, start with yourself – Mahatma Ghandi

Not alone, but together

This upward spiral of personal growth and contribution to others becomes even more fun and rewarding when we surround ourselves with like-minded people that are on the same path. In this way, it becomes a “tribe of changemakers” that – by improving themselves – have more capacity to change their organizations and communities for the better. This is the movement that we envision – the movement of personal growth and impact.

Based on a personal life vision

How liberating would it be to fully know who you are and what you want your life to be about? A vision and plan that covers all fundamental life aspects will provide clarity and a definiteness of purpose. It will make fears, opinions, and worries small and irrelevant. The grandness of our life vision will give us a reason to question societal rules and paradigms and to choose only the ones that serve our vision.  


This is why we started Growtribute. A platform (content, courses, communities) for people that want to unlock their full potential and get fulfillment by adding value to a mission they believe in. 


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