The Origin Story of Growtribute

Our struggles became our fuel

We’re Rachelle & Lennart, an ambitious couple that co-founded Growtribute. In our past we struggled to find our way in important life aspects like relationships, fitness, and work. At the time these lows felt sh*t, but later we realized that these situations were there to teach us a lesson: this relationship/job/environment was not meant for us and we needed a better alternative. One step back, and two steps forward in another direction.

We redefined “success” in all key areas of life and bounced back to a better version than before. We created our own learning path and we embarked on a journey of holistic personal development. We feel unleashed and we’re growing every day!

We have a life vision and are acting on it

For a life change, you either need a lot of pain or a burning desire. Pain was often our fuel, but since we visualized our ideal life, we turbocharged our growth! We know exactly how we want to live our lives, we take continuous steps in that direction and we’re grateful for the growth we had so far.

Goal setting and visualization can be dangerous. You can end up somewhere you don’t want to be. That’s why it’s so important to do a lot of introspection: is this truly something that I want to do, even if no one else approves it? And does it feel like something ‘clicks’ inside when I think of it?

Is there nothing I would rather do — without limitations of time, money, and fears?

We visualized our ideal life

We visualized our ideal life after countless conversations. We’ve seen where we wanna live, how we want to spend our time and with whom. And it’s not just a vision. We have a plan to get there, and we took action a while ago. We sold our businesses. We had to say goodbye to some of our friends. And we started to work together on a joined mission. And nope, we are not there yet, but we’re continuously improving and grateful for where we are.

Growing makes us happy, empowering others fulfills us

Life is about becoming all you can be, being happy, and contributing to something beyond yourself. We love to grow and improve, but what truly fulfills us is coaching others to unlock their potential & contribution. With Growtribute we want to take this to the next level and help many more people. We see such a need to live life on your terms and to be meaningful to others and/or a higher goal.

So our joined mission became: empowering a generation of change-makers to be all they can be, for themselves and for the world.

Do you want to play bigger?

Do you want to know your unique passions and talents and actually use them? Live your ideal life and reach your potential in all areas? Do work that you were made to do, live where you want to, spend time with people that lift you up? And take bold steps regardless of fears, opinions, and beliefs?

And contribute to a cause you believe in?

Combine a life on your terms with finding ultimate fulfillment. Work on a mission you believe in — your purpose. And be more and give more. Inspired by people that are on the same path.

Then Growtribute is where you need to be!

1️⃣ Create a vision for your ideal life and work on your growth

2️⃣ Unleash yourself from limiting beliefs and fears

3️⃣ Fuel your growth by learning from experts we invite

4️⃣ Grow & contribute together with an inspiring international community

Our program will start in July. To find out more about our platform and how you can become part of the community, click here.

Growtribute is an international community and platform for personal growth and professional contribution. Behind it are Lennart van der Ziel and Rachelle Leerling. They are entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches.


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