Why We Wrote a Manifesto

introduction manifesto May 27, 2020

With this short blog, we want to give you a heads-up about what you can expect from us in the upcoming period.

Real talk

In the coming weeks, we will do some real talk. About how society thinks of key areas in life and how most of us go about them. The beliefs, habits and behaviors we have, are mostly created by the influences of our surroundings. For instance, if you were raised with the belief ‘money is the root of all evil’, most likely you will have a negative relationship with money and will not earn that much. Or, because you once experienced a failure in a work environment, you decided to not make any bold moves or speak up again.

Trapped in the status quo

These are just very specific examples of what we mean by beliefs, habits, and behavior. They are very personal, yet if we look at a broader scope — we see that the way many of us live life or think about life, comes from societal systems or rather put — the status quo.

What we believe in at Growtribute

Circling back to Growtribute: we believe that once you are coming from a place of wholeness — knowing yourself well, understanding your unique skill set, energy and ambitions, and also how you can put them into action — then you are better able to contribute to a mission beyond yourself. Fill your own cup first, then overflow to others. And therefore we think it is essential to reflect on our belief systems. To understand why we think and do what we think and do. And change that if we want to. So we can make more genuine steps towards our ideal life.

A 7-part Manifesto with a retrospect & vision

So we wrote a Manifesto — a critical piece on Education, Physical Health, Mental Health, Relations, Finance, Career, and of course Personal Development. For every area, we will share our critical views on the status quo, and our personal experiences with it. We will not just bash the current systems, rather we will lay out a vision for the future that we believe in — how Health/Education/Finance and all that ideally could look like if we made our own choices and candid decisions. Life on our own terms. Yet, this is our personal view and we encourage you to form your own vision.

And last but not least, we will give the floor to people that are knowledge experts in a life area. Who have been in a low and are now in a high. Or, people that just started to hack that field, like personal finance or sleep.

Education as the kick-off

We will start with Education because it covers the period that most of our beliefs are formed being our childhood and teenage years. It is where it all starts. We will wrap up with Personal Development, as we believe that it is the key to reaching full potential and happiness.

Join the discussion!

 And we hope it opens up a discussion too. Therefore, we’d love to hear about your experiences with certain life areas and also we’re curious about your input on the discussion. So feel free to reach out to us when you listen, watch, or read about the upcoming parts of the Manifesto.



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