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Excellent Personal Development - Manifesto Part 7


This piece is part of our Manifesto about 7 areas of our personal life: (1) Education (2) Physical Health, (3) Mental Health & Mindset, (4) Relations, (5) Work & Career, (6) Personal Finance, and (7) Personal Development. In the midst of this COVID-19 global pandemic, where our society and our lives have come to a halt, we were inspired to write this Manifesto. For every area of our personal lives, we will challenge the way we viewed it “back then” and...

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All Areas of Life Combined - Manifesto Part 0



This time of crisis, where our society and lives came to a halt, inspired us to write a Manifesto. We will challenge the way our society went about many aspects of (personal) life and subsequently, we share a vision for the future. 

Our Manifesto consists of many generalizations and is meant to open up a discussion.


Looking back

Societal expectations

Most of us went through life based on societal expectations. We were all really busy reaching certain...

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