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Resilient Mental States For Powerful Action - Manifesto Part 3


This piece is part of our Manifesto about 7 areas of our personal life: (1) Education (2) Physical Health, (3) Mental Health & Mindset, (4) Relations, (5) Work & Career, (6) Personal Finance, and (7) Personal Development (coming up). In the midst of this COVID-19 global pandemic, where our society and our lives have come to a halt, we were inspired to write this Manifesto. For every area of our personal lives, we will challenge the way we viewed it “back...

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🧠 12 Tips for more Mental Power 🔥🏆


Positive and negative mental health

Mental health is “a person’s psychological and emotional well-being”. 

It's not just about mental diseases, like depression, but also about positive mental health: how you can become mentally more resilient, nurture positive emotions, have positive self-talk, and much more.

There are many actions you could take to get better mental health. And there are habits you can start building so it will help you in the long...

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