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Imagine this life...

Get energy from work instead of feeling drained

Feel connected to your purpose instead of working for something you don't believe in

Look forward to work instead of living for the weekend

Work is a full expression of yourself instead of being forced in a role

Work fills you with meaning and happiness

 ⚡ Impact the world positively, and make a contribution with your skillset

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Introducing an exclusive career design program

For professionals | entrepreneurs | recent graduates | job seekers

✅ Get clarity
 on work that fits your passion & purpose
Create a concise plan to get there
✅ While staying in balance in other life areas
✅ Supported by group of like-minded people
✅ G
uided by 2 experienced entrepreneurs and coaches
An intense and transformational 4-week program

Be part of an exclusive group of high achievers who will receive personalized guidance in transforming their careers.

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Results after Program

1️⃣ A crystal clear internal blueprint of your drives, environments, passions, values & strengths

2️⃣ Based on that, a mind-blowing and personalized vision on your ideal work life

3️⃣ An actionable plan with concrete steps towards your ideal career

4️⃣ A life-altering experience with an international group of people on the same journey

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Outcome: happines & fulfillment in work and...


✅ A new set of empowering beliefs about work

Feel really certain about the clear direction in your career

 Feel joy in the process of creating your unique path

Have more energy and fun in your working week

Know what contribution you want to have and you will be living it

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We've been through this ourselves

From career detours to work on our terms.

Lennart was an aspiring lawyer, did 2 master’s degrees only to find out he wanted to run the opposite way: toward social impact entrepreneurship. 

Rachelle always had a knack for journalism, but hated the directions offered to her at uni, quit her master’s, started her own marcom business and became an event moderator.

Choosing the unbeaten path, we had to make decisions for ourselves - out of the ordinary. And yes, many people around us didn’t understand why we were making it so hard for ourselves. They saw insecure freelance gigs, quitting jobs, risky business concepts, and months without income.

For us, it felt like an exciting pursuit for a life and career on our own terms. We weren’t going to settle for ‘okay’.  

It started with a lot of trial and error. We worked with people we really couldn’t handle, started businesses with people with different values, we took on roles that looked interesting, but were simply not matching with our passions and strengths. 

We realized we needed to envision our ideal career. Therefore we first created our internal compass (our drives, values, strengths, passions). And from there we started dreaming really big about what we wanted to become. From that inspiring vision we defined the first concrete steps. So we started presenting on stage, coaching others, and sharing our steps on socials. All leading up to our career vision: owning Growtribute – the platform and movement for young gamechangers to unlock their potential and contribution.

We feel we're living our dream career. Everything we love and find important is included. 

About Lennart

⚡ Serial entrepreneur, speaker & coach

⚡ Formerly CEO & Founder of Travis, the original creator of the pocket translator (+200,000 users)

⚡ Former founding team member of entrepreneur network Venture Café Rotterdam

Led international teams at software scale-up Sana

Master's degrees in Financial Law and Business Law 

About Rachelle

⚡ Young professional coach & mastermind facilitator 

⚡ Experienced presenter/event moderator 

⚡ Sold her Gen-Z agency FRGRND

Former project manager at leading start-up incubator YES!Delft 

⚡ Studied Communications & Business 


Program details - what to expect

▶️Start: November 1st

▶️Expect around 5 hours of self-study per week

▶️ You will participate in 4 live group coaching calls

▶️ You will be matched with another participant and be each other's accountability and support partner.

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Design A Meaningful Career Program

€195 (incl. VAT)

  • Workbook, templates for blueprint, career vision & plan

  • Join a selected group of like-minded people

  • Become part of the Whatsapp support group

  • Receive 4 personalized group coaching sessions (online)

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We aspire to be the world’s biggest platform and community for the personal transformation & professional contribution of Gen-Z and Millenial gamechangers. In 2030, we want to have empowered 1 million of them to impact 1 billion people through their careers & businesses. We will do that through our inspirational content, transformative courses, uplifting memberships, masterminds, and retreats.

Growtribute stands for reaching human potential, holistic lifelong growth (mindset, fitness, skills, relationships, finance), and meaningful and purposeful work. We believe that the way our society handles education, work, relationships, mental & physical health, and personal finance is fundamentally broken. And that we need to define better alternatives.

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