Entrepreneur Mastery

Group Experience 2023

Your business can't be bigger than you are


...and so a personal upgrade would massively accelerate your business too.


If you understand this, then there’s a unique opportunity to join for you this January…

A small group of hand-picked entrepreneurs will be brought on top of their game.

In a 3-month group program that will make you bulletproof to whatever happens.

And will enable you to proactively take control of your business & life.


Together, we will master the foundations of being an entrepreneur.

The personal level - mental, emotional, physical, identity.

And the professional level - productivity, focus, vision, boundaries.


It’s time to put yourself first and tackle what is secretly holding you back.

To make better decisions. To feel in control. To confront. To dare. To breathe again.

While we think we have to do it all alone and keep the challenges to ourselves...

A world opens up when we have people around us that want to play full out as well.

Welcome to the tribe.

What to Expect

Get ready for a massive shift in your business & personal life!


Part I: Personal Mastery

  • Week 1+2: Thoughts & Stress 
  • Week 3+4: Energy & Health 
  • Week 5+6: Perspective & Progress 

Part II: Professional Mastery

  • Week 7+8: Identity & Confidence
  • Week 9+10: Boundaries & Communication
  • Week 11+12: Focus & Productivity 



  • On top of your game physically, mentally, emotionally
  • More perspective & excitement for what you’re building
  • Bulletproof for everything that happens
  • More time & headspace for your personal life
  • Increased energy, presence & confidence
  • Insanely productive, proactive & focused
  • Being part of a tribe of entrepreneurs who inspire & support you
  • Starting the new year with immense momentum

The Details


  • Start date: 2nd week of January 2023
  • 12 x Weekly Group Calls | Tuesday 4 PM CET | 60 min | alternating Deep Dive Call & Coaching Call
  • Ongoing accountability for your desired changes  
  • Practical Tools to implement right away, based on the Deep Dive
  • Curated Group Chat for business questions & accountability 
  • Time investment: 2 hours weekly (60 min weekly call + quick implementation) 

All calls will be recorded. It’s not mandatory to attend every call, but attendance will give you personal attention, accountability & momentum.

This program is meant for busy entrepreneurs. Joining us will actually help you create more time & focus.



  • Pre-program performance audit
  • Book recommendations based on topics
  • Checklists for nutrition, sleep, focus & exercise
  • Reflection & Goal-Setting Training for 2023
  • 1:1 Coaching session post-program
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About Growtribute

By Entrepreneur Coaches Lennart van der Ziel & Rachelle Leerling

At Growtribute, we run an academy for intentional entrepreneurs. We support them to live on their terms and use their business as their vehicle for growth. We transform people on performance, productivity and collaboration. But we also go deeper by improving their internal states - moving out of fear and hustle and into happiness, power and resilience. Giving back control & confidence to the most important element of your business success - you.


After coaching dozens of international entrepreneurs, we are taking our proven 1:1 method to the next level with this group program. We believe in the power of community, as our challenges are often more common than we want to admit. By teaming up, we can model each other and hold up that mirror when we need to address blind spots.


Lennart van der Ziel

About Lennart:

  • (Currently) Co-founder of Growtribute - coach & teacher - specialty: identity shifting, mental mastery, visioning
  • CEO & Co-founder of Travis - an award-winning start-up that sold over 200,000 pocket translators worldwide
  • Founding Team Venture Café - built a weekly event for 300+ entrepreneurs
  • Initiated the #1 tech founder mastermind in the Netherlands
  • Keynote speaker for events in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, Cyprus


About Rachelle:

  • (Currently) Co-founder of Growtribute - coach & teacher - specialty: boundaries, productivity & team dynamics
  • Co-founder of FRGRND - a Generation Z market research agency
  • Co-Initiator & Team Lead of Startup Corner - support platform for startups in tech
  • Project Lead of Shell GameChanger HackWeek in collaboration with YES!Delft
  • Event moderator for business & innovation events

What People Say

International entrepreneurs who wanted to unleash their potential 

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Entrepreneur Mastery

Group Experience 2023