Our Manifesto
on 7 Areas of Life

All Areas Together

"We will start with ourselves. Filling our own cup first – being happy, fit & healthy, obtaining a growth mindset, having a personal life vision and living our lives on our own terms. Then we will have so much more to share within our relationships and to contribute throughout our careers. Our work will give us fulfillment, joy and financial returns. In this way, we will spiral upwards."

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#1 Exhilarating Education

"What if our education was truly a school of life, there to unlock and reach our full potential? Preparing us for all life aspects. Helping us to understand our values, dreams, and goals. Providing guidance for important life decisions such as the direction of our careers."

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#2 Radiant Physical Health

"We would eat and drink primarily nutritional things. We all have a personal health plan. We know which foods we should and shouldn’t eat, and how much of each type of food. How much sleep we need and our ideal sleep schedule. What kind of exercise we need on top of our active lives, to be even leaner and more energetic."

What we believe about Physical Health

#3 Strong Mental Health

"What if we loved to be alone for as long as possible to coach ourselves, and we wouldn’t walk away from feelings and real internal conversations? With immense self-knowledge, we would navigate life better and easily find a purpose where everything we are comes together."

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#4 Uplifting Relationships

"What if all your friends lift you up, keep you accountable, and inspire you to become more than you already are? They know you inside and out – your dreams, hopes, deepest fears, and vision for your future – and encourage you to reach your potential. And they also add adventure and fun to your life."

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#5 Fulfilling Work

"What if the purpose of work and our career was not solely making money or becoming richer? Or being respected by others? What if our career was there to let us realize our full potential in our lifetime, make us happier and more fulfilled, contribute to others through our unique talents, and – as a byproduct – to grow financially?"

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#6 Blooming Personal Finance

"What if we would eliminate our old money mindset and beliefs? And let go of past pains and fears, the urge to earn money by any means? What if we let go of the fear of losing it and of living above our means to fill an emotional gap? Instead we would obtain an abundance money mindset, letting money flow to us with ease and in high quantities."

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#7 Thriving Personal Development

"We will decide who we wanna be, know where we stand now and improve what we need to improve to become a better version of ourselves. Improving is done by learning just enough to do something better, then do it, evaluate if you need more ‘doing’ or some specific knowledge."

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