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Career transforming experiences from our alumni

"This program really helped me find my purpose in life, to really see what I am capable of, and how to reach my full potential"

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Change-makers from all over the globe say this


Ready to make your ideal life and career a reality, too?

What if you could create a career & life on your own terms? Would you contribute to a mission you truly believe in? Move to another country? Or only do the things that you were made for? 🤩

We would like to tell you: your dream career could be a reality if you start making steps in understanding who you are and move closer to what you want!

No need for concessions.

Online Program: Create a Meaningful Career


“I really got to know myself, I thought about what I really liked - my passions and what I want to achieve in the long run … This program really helped me find my purpose in life, to really see what I can do and how to reach my full potential”


"I was really doubtful about what I wanted to do in the future. I had no goal, I had no path I wanted to take… This program provided me with the tools and the ability to help me take big steps and to inspire me to develop myself.”


"I was already quite happy about where I’m at right now in my career, but I just missed the contribution aspect … this program really helped me find out what it is that I want to do. I also really love the support from the group in the program and the coaching support from Lennart and Rachelle.”

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