The Business Road is hard & lonely.
But what if we could change that?

Entrepreneurship can be rewarding, yet it's filled with challenges.

That's why having the right support is crucial.

But finding such a place can be tough.

Many entrepreneurs navigate their journey alone or keep their struggles hidden.

They can't always confide in investors, co-founders, team members, or even partners, who all have a stake.

While masterminds and business events offer connections, they often lack lasting impact.

That's why we felt the need for a tribe of heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs like us.

A place where genuine business camaraderie meets deep connections.

Imagine a community where you can be yourself, share your struggles, find inspiration, and grow personally.

In 2023, we brought that vision to life.

Online-first, but often face-to-face too!

Our Approach: 

STEP 1: Hand-pick a group of entrepreneurs with their hearts in the right place. Filter out the 'egos' and 'takers'. 

STEP 2: Compress the journey from strangers to business friends through vulnerability and genuine conversations. 

STEP 3: Accelerate their businesses by exchanging crucial connections, strategies & experiences. And providing support when things get hard.

Welcome to the tribe.

Our upcoming sessions

Some past sessions

What to Expect

Deeply connective AND business-elevating experience

In Short

  • A handpicked community of successful +6-figure entrepreneurs. Selected on character & kindness. 
  • Everybody is into personal development and wants to drive (more) positive change
  • A great mix of industries, male/female, from all over Europe
  • Online & offline gatherings which are skillfully led
  • Exchanging cutting-edge strategies and bringing in experts 
  • Brain picking for each other's business challenges & goals


  • As a business owner, you will be continuously inspired, challenged, supported, and heard by people like yourself 
  • Your business will be fueled by cutting-edge insights, creative solutions, and inspired leadership
  • New business friends with who you resonate on all levels
  • Potential collaborations because of the deep level of trust 
  • Improved quality of life because of the fun activities, feeling supported & connected

The Details

  • 4x monthly calls (not all mandatory):
    • Implementation Call - strategies/tactics sharing by members/experts (eg. Automation, Productivity)
    • Mastermind Call - supporting each other's businesses (eg. 1-1 Break-Outs & Hotseats about your biggest bottleneck)
    • Deep Dive Call - 1:1 guided thought-provoking conversations based on themes like productivity, well-being and leadership
    • Accountability Call - small-group session to keep each other accountable on monthly business progress (max. 6 pp)
  • Access to Community Platform: vault with knowledge & digital library
  • Access to Member Database: all about their businesses & expertises
  • Group Chat: practical business questions & accountability 
  • Time Commitment: approx. 3 hours a month



  • Physical Reunions in exciting places like Barcelona (2x a year)
  • Curated Private Introductions to other members based on needs and shared dreams & goals  
  • 1-1 Connection Calls with other members (matched by us)
  • Informal meetups/activities around Europe with other members
  • Quarterly business check-in call with Lennart
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Get Together. Thrive Together.

TribeX Membership


only 2 spots opening in March

  • 3-4x month online business session (Mastermind, Deep Dive, Implementation, Accountability)
  • Community Platform & Group Chat
  • 1-1 Connection Calls with other Members 
  • 2x per year access to the physical reunions
  • Local Chapter Dinners (NL, Spain)
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You asked. We answered. 

Our Members, across Europe & more 

Jonathan Benhamu Esayag 🇻🇪🇨🇭

Lecturer, Architect & Founder @ BENARICI
// Malaga, Spain

An architecture office focused on international collaborations and avant-garde design processes. Also a Lecturer at ETH Zürich.

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Bram van den Boom 🇳🇱

Co-founder @ TechBinder
// Utrecht, Netherlands

TechBinder aims to stop wasting valuable time from people who keep maritime and industrial assets running. 

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Milda Petrus 🇱🇹

Founder @ Atlas Digital Innovation
// Valencia, Spain

Our app MUVION is for people who play music to enjoy enhancing it with visual video expression. Also a retreat location owner in Valencia.

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Matthieu Bonelli 🇫🇷

Founder & Customer Experience Specialist @ CXMania
// Valencia, Spain

CXMania partners with small and medium companies to improve their Customers’ Experience. 

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Amani Said 🇱🇧🇸🇪

Career Coach @ Success Beyond the Lab
// Malaga, Spain

Helping scientists gain clarity on their career path, the confidence to take action and learn the tools to launch their dream careers.

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Ferry Vermeulen 🇳🇱 

Founder & Director @ INSTRKTIV
// Malaga, Spain

INSTRKTIV is among the best in the world for clear, compliant and appealing user instructions.

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Robert Stead 🇬🇧

Managing Director & Founder @ Sense Media Group
// Valencia, Spain

We support technologists through conferences, exhibitions, networking meetups, training workshops, and awards.

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Tim Goertz 🇳🇱

Founder @ Goertz
// Remote

Helping people to shift the focus from time management to action management, organizing information based on your goals rather than subjects, and building knowledge from the fundamentals up rather than top-down

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Rocío Liébana Vinuesa 🇪🇸

Founder & CEO @ RLC Solutions
// Berlin, Germany

RLC Solutions GmbH is a 360 service agency that helps leading brands execute the right gift card strategy for their business goals. 

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André Noort 🇳🇱

Founder @ Powerhouse.Digital
// Rotterdam, Netherlands

 Powerhouse Digital is a data-driven digital marketing agency

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Niels van der Linden 🇳🇱 

Co-founder, Product & Operations at Circular IQ // Edirne, Turkey

At Circular IQ we help you activate your circularity by allowing you to measure the circularity characteristics of products you buy, own and/or make.

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Tarina Meiring 🇿🇦

Co-Founder & CEO @ I/RISE + CMO@ Mapula Media
// Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Create & Lead High-Performing Teams: Use the power of words to effectively recruit A-team players.

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Michal Misiewicz 🇵🇱

Founder @ Minimal Digitalist
// Warsaw, Poland

Productivity consultant, coach, and solopreneur. Helping online solopreneurs organize their work & lives.

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Demian Voorhagen 🇳🇱

Co-Founder & CEO @
// Haarlem, the Netherlands enables Portfolios-as-a-Service for crypto partners. We are a full hands-off solution for crypto exchanges, brokers, payment solutions and trading apps.

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Bas Gerritsen 🇳🇱

Co-Founder @ Pabble
// Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We help Telco's becoming an active player in lock-screen advertising to increase their revenue and skyrocket their user engagement through our lock-screen loyalty platform.

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Brian David Crane 🇺🇸

Founder @ Caller Smart & Spread Great Ideas
// Amsterdam, the Netherlands

CallerSmart helps you investigate mystery phone numbers, and avoid unwanted calls and texts. Also investor in digital brands which are focused on promoting liberty, civil rights, and personal sovereignty. 

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Stijn Willemse 🇳🇱

Founder @ DIS-ORDER apparel
// Maastricht, the Netherlands

We set out to create a human narrative around mental health by generating authentic conversations' through the use of clothing. It's a canvas that we use to express ideas, experiences, and stories. Through our clothing we hope to encourage people to wear their heart on their sleeve.

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Gosia Hajnysz 🇵🇱

Founder @ Seed Your Story
// Malaga, Spain

I help businesses to stand out, attract more clients and convert more leads with the power of words. My superpower is to extract the essence of all types of businesses (from coaching to advanced AI, AR projects) and translating them into the most resonating message for their clients. 

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Arthur van der Pluijm-Avdeev 🇳🇱

Founder @ TBC
// Amsterdam, the Netherlands

As the Founder of TPC Investment, I've cultivated a pioneering vision to offer unconventional investment vehicles without sacrificing safety or returns. Drawing upon a comprehensive skill set, I've researched and implemented cutting-edge trading strategies, integrated these with broker APIs for seamless automated trading, and crafted rigorous risk management policies.

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About the facilitating team

Lennart van der Ziel & Rachelle Leerling

Lennart van der Ziel

About Lennart:

  • Co-founder of Growtribute - an academy for intentional entrepreneurs
  • CEO & Co-founder of Travis - an award-winning start-up that sold over 200,000 pocket translators worldwide
  • Founding Team Venture Café - created a weekly event for 300+ entrepreneurs & investors 
  • Initiated the #1 tech founder mastermind in the Netherlands
  • Keynote speaker for events in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, Cyprus 

About Rachelle:

  • Co-initiator of Rough Diamonds Inc - business support for underprivileged entrepreneurs using social impact
  • Co-founder of Growtribute - an academy for intentional entrepreneurs 
  • Co-founder of FRGRND - a Generation Z market research agency
  • Co-Initiator & Team Lead of Startup Corner - support platform for startups in tech
  • Project Lead of Shell GameChanger HackWeek in collaboration with YES!Delft
  • Event moderator for business & innovation events

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