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Building a legacy, without sacrificing health and happiness

- Rachelle Leerling & Lennart van der Ziel

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We support elite entrepreneurs to embody radiant health, true happiness and business legacy simultaneously

Most entrepreneurs work way too hard to improve their business on the business level. Getting more clients, improving their products and services and constantly hustling to reach 'success'.

They sacrifice their health and happiness in the short term, to be happy, safe and successful in the long term. It’s a game you can’t sustain and doesn't serve you nor the business. At one point burnout, depression or numbness are around the corner.

We believe you can solve the paradox of being happy, healthy and successful all at the same time. And it starts with investing on the personal level - transforming your entrepreneurship.

At Growtribute, we offer transformational programs & mentorship for intentional entrepreneurs through our Effortless Entrepreneur Formula™. From being stuck in the entrepreneurial rat race, to complete control, clarity and effortless success.

We combine our extensive business experience with proven health routines and hands-on happiness acceleration. Our method is easy to follow, practical and sustainable. As a result, working with us will give you the solid personal foundation you need to build a long-term legacy.

Rachelle Leerling started her entrepreneurial journey at age 20, engaging in various roles including the initiation of a startup-corporate collaboration platform at Europe's #1 tech incubator, leading multiple innovation projects and taking the stage at renowned international conferences as an event moderator. As she never formulated her description of 'success', she constantly felt frustrated and unfulfilled, seeking more and better. Resulting in overwhelm, energy depletion and unhappiness. After a business existential crisis, she decided to no longer do concessions on her well-being and true powers. Formulating a life and business vision beyond the ordinary led her to co-found Growtribute, combining all she loves and stands for. Resulting in relaxed entrepreneurship, feeling fulfilled and playing bigger than before. Born in the Netherlands, partly raised in New Jersey, USA.

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Lennart van der Ziel co-founded the award-winning tech startup Travis in 2017. With a background in international sales and entrepreneurial initiatives, an accelerated experience as a fresh CEO was the thrill he was seeking. The startup became an overnight success. Yet, Lennart sacrificed his health and own life quality in order to get here. Practically speaking, daily working in 3 time zones and forgetting to eat. A long and painful burnout followed. After falling so deep, he was forced to approach his life and business in a completely new way. A journey of inner work, peak health and life visioning followed. Co-founding Growtribute was the life work he was building up to. Passionately combining original ways of thinking with thorough methodology. His ability to move a crowd with his thought-provoking insights is frequently exercised. Born & raised Dutchman, escaping the Rotterdam rain since 2013.

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Life & business partners who travel the world conveying our mission. Lovingly dubbed 'the aligned team'. Mutual obsession for everything personal development and hands-on health habits. Catch us at the deep-talk table.

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