Helping business owners be the best version of themselves, for the best version of their business

- Rachelle Leerling & Lennart van der Ziel

Get out of ops, oversee the bigger picture, find focus & double-down on your strengths. A business truly on your terms.

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We support entrepreneurs to build their empire in an enjoyable & sustainable way.

Growtribute is an international academy for intentional entrepreneurs. We support them in building a business empire on their terms. Radical effective leadership is practiced & preached.

Our academy stands for humanpreneurship: a way of doing business that utilizes your potential yet protects your humanness.

The academy is based on a unique, proven method and consists of group programs, online membership, and 1:1 coaching. We strongly believe in accountability, actionable support, connection with like-minded entrepreneurs and personal transformation.

Growtribute was founded by Lennart van der Ziel & Rachelle Leerling in early 2020.


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How to work with us

  • Entrepreneur Accelerator Track | 1:1 Coaching | For entrepreneurs who want to proactively grow their business on their terms
  • The Unchained Entrepreneur | 1:1 Coaching Track | For established entrepreneurs with (small) teams who want to free up 40 hours per month, get out of operations and focus on the Big & Exciting Stuff again
  • Entrepreneur Mastery | Group Program | January-April 2023 
  • TribeX | Online Entrepreneur Community | Membership | More info


About our programs

Over the past 3+ years, we helped entrepreneurs transform their ways of working, leading, and creating. Our mentoring track is different from other programs out there. We are both seasoned entrepreneurs who teach from experience. Also, it’s a result-oriented, proven program with blended personal & business modalities. While everyone has a stake in your business, we only focus on YOU.

Expected results:

🔹 Work on the big things in your business 
🔹 Lead your team(s) with more effectiveness & power
🔹 Have more energy & headspace
🔹 Have control over your emotions & thoughts
🔹 Have time for new business opportunities
🔹 Have time for fun & are present with friends/family

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About us

Rachelle Leerling has been an entrepreneur since age 20, engaging in various roles including setting up a daughter company of Europe's #1 tech incubator and leading multiple innovation projects for SMEs. In her role as freelance consultant, she worked alongside dozens of business owners. Her insiders view led her to conclude that companies get stuck mostly due to a lack of communication, leadership and decision-making. But what has struck her most is the behavior of the entrepreneur that becomes the bottleneck. 

Just before the pandemic, she decided to support entrepreneurs with solving the foundational challenges at businesses. This led her to co-found Growtribute. She now combines her skills of simplifying business operations, creating clarity, giving accountability and sometimes some tough love.

Born in the Netherlands, partly raised in New Jersey, USA.

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After a career that spans from law, sales and community building, Lennart van der Ziel co-founded the award-winning tech startup Travis in 2017. The bootstrapped company became an overnight worldwide success. Yet, Lennart also experienced the other side of entrepreneurship first hand. In the upcoming years, he navigated through severe burnout while the business collapsed at the very same time. Managing both his own health and saving the business was the most difficult thing he's ever done. After falling so deep, he was forced to approach his life and entrepreneurship in a completely new way. A journey of inner work, investing in health and life visioning followed. 

He realized doing immense growth is possible, but it can be sustained on a strong foundation - personally and business-wise. When the dust settled, he naturally started to help befriended startup founders on business & personal performance. Based on what helped him, he created unorthodox solutions for the immense stress, pressure & uncertainty. Co-founding Growtribute was the logical step. Now Lennart is combining his hyper-growth strategies with making the business owner bulletproof.

Born & raised Dutchman, escaping the Rotterdam rain since 2013.

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Life & business partners who travel the world conveying our mission. Lovingly dubbed 'the aligned team'. Mutual obsession for everything personal development and hands-on life improvements. Catch us at the deep-talk table. Currently living & working in Málaga, Spain.

The Thriving Entrepreneur Podcast

Our biweekly podcast with befriended founder coach David Foster. 30 Minutes of entrepreneurship wisdom and thought-provoking questions. No Fluff. 

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Upcoming Events

  • Check TribeX for our upcoming mastermind sessions and expert talks

Past Events

  • October 12 2021 - Solving the Paradox of Being Happy, Healthy & Successful - NomadBase Live @ Cyprus
  • January 2022 - Exclusive Business Club Meetups @ Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • February 2022 - Energized & Focused: how to only do what matters & what you love in your business @ Playa del Carmen 
  • March 2022 - Winning in all Areas of Life as a High Performing Entrepreneur @ Playa del Carmen
  • Intentional Business Mastermind | Spiritual Entrepreneur Malaga (Spain)
  • Business Abundance | One-day business retreat | 18 March 2023 | Cala de Mijas (Spain) 
  • Business Clarity Mastermind: Beyond the Day-to-Day | The Pool Marbella

Hands-on and unconventional entrepreneurship insights and tools for those willing to live & work without concessions.

Lennart & Rachelle share on topics like work-life integration, intentional business, business design, stepping into your greatness, business legacy without concessions and much more.

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